BIM services offered

We work alongside the various stakeholders in construction industry namely Developers, Architects, Designers, Contractors and Specialist Subcontractors to co-ordinate their work into a single Building Information Model (BIM), enabling Clients to save valuable time and costs during construction. The numerous co-ordination issues arising during construction stage is spotted well in advance during design stage itself thereby offering the stakeholders more value for money than what could be achieved from the conventional 2D drafting methods.

BIM is an advanced method for creating a virtual representation, a working digital model of the physical and functional characteristics of a building or a structure. It can be considered an interactive blueprint with the ability to identify every aspect and detail of a facility.

 Quality assurance processes implemented throughout the process of model development ensure that the developed product maintain its intended high quality. We follow a well-structured production process along with a refined quality assurance procedure to ensure that the project objectives are met to the highest adherence to client requirements.

Architectural BIM


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Our facilities

BIM models are developed by our technical experts from our satellite offices. In order to develop high quality BIM models we maintain the most advanced computer hardware systems to cater for the ever increasing demands of the software tools.

Our services for Architecture include 3D BIM Modeling, Revit modeling, 4D BIM and 3D building modeling.

Our tools

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Our procedures

 Client enquiry – Upon receiving an enquiry, our dedicated BIM Manager will contact the Client and obtain documents for review by our model developers. We would the identify the best model for the project, estimate the duration and resources required and a submit a proposal to the Client.

Development – BIM Manager will initiate the process of developing the model by allocating the resources for the planned duration. Skilled model developers will develop the BIM model from the information received during proposal ensuring best industry standards are met. The Client will be updated on the progress of development through periodic meetings and updates.

Quality Assurance – Every staff member is trained to meet the strict quality assurance requirements in BIM industry. BIM models developed by our skilled developers will be monitored by our Quality Manager who has relevant experience in the region in major construction schemes. BIM Manager will conduct the final check on the models developed before being delivered to the Client.